About Gordon-Darby.

Gordon-Darby – a leading provider of government services for more than 30-years – is a privately held Kentucky-based corporation, founded in 1982. We have a tremendous record of government services technology projects, have successfully implemented and managed numerous information management and other technology projects with no failures. The company provides a range of government services, from equipment manufacturing and sale, to managed decentralized programs to full-scale contractor-operated centralized programs and license sale systems.

Gordon-Darby’s service and operations extend to two parallel industries: the vehicle emissions inspection technology and the license sales systems. We provide the design, development, construction, implementation, operation and management of vehicle inspection networks, vehicle emissions testing systems, point of sale systems, electronic communication networks, data management and central database services (data warehousing, administrative and reporting functions, etc.). In adddition, we provide comprehensive call center services to both the public and system users, a license sales service depot, and field support services to vehicle inspection stations and license sales agents.

Throughout our history, we have amassed outstanding performance references provided by our satisfied customers. We value quality over quantity and are intentionally not the biggest technology contractor in order to continue to serve our customers to the best of our ability. Our longevity is a testament to our commitment, our customers, and our continued ability to successfully serve them by giving highly responsive service specifically designed to meet their individual needs.

Gordon-Darby currently provides services for the New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV); Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), District of Columbia, Department of Motor Vehicles, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). We have also provided services to the states of: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee and Louisiana.

Vehicle Emissions Testing
Vehicle Emissions Testing
Vehicle Emissions Testing
Vehicle Emissions Testing

Program Operations.

Gordon-Darby currently employs about 250 people in our current Arizona and New Hampshire program operations as well as at our corporate headquarters, data center, license sales service depot and call center in Louisville, KY. Since its founding in 1982, the philosophy of the company has been to emphasize quality over quantity. As a result, we have developed a solid reputation for operating highly successful programs and are well-known for our efforts aimed at improving vehicle emissions test procedures, inspection equipment and license systems point of sale efficiency.

Motor Vehicle Testing.

Implementation, management, operations and maintenance of vehicle emissions and safety testing equipment and networks; data analysis and reporting; and creation and operation of customized management tools for oversight agency use.

Motor Vehicle Testing

On Board Diagnostics.

Implementation, management, operations, field service, analysis and reporting of On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) equipment and inspection results.

On Board Diagnostics

End User Training.

Training of large numbers of vehicle emissions, OBD and safety inspectors; POS License Agents; and other end-users; delivered via classroom, hands-on and computer-based training (CBT) approaches.

End User Training

Point of Sales.

Point of sales (POS) system and network design, deployment and program management; and POS license sales equipment design, testing, deployment and service support.

Point of Sales

Hunting & Fishing License Systems.

Implementation, management, operations, maintenance, hosting, remote field support, data analysis and reporting, and supply chain management for hunting and fishing license systems and networks.

Hunting and Fishing License Systems

Database Operations.

Design, development, implementation, operations and hosting of database system solutions in high volume, secure environments. These systems include customized management consoles and online reporting portals for oversight agency and public use.

Database Operations

Areas of Expertise.

Specific areas of experience and capabilities include:

  • Overall systems and database design, development, implementation, operation and hosting.
  • Centralized, decentralized and hybrid vehicle emissions and safety inspection and maintenance (I/M) program management.
  • Point of sales (POS) system design, deployment and program management.
  • Vehicle emissions, On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) and safety test equipment design, development, fabrication, acceptance testing, implementation, operation and maintenance.
  • POS license (e.g., hunting and fishing) sales equipment design, testing, deployment and service support.
  • Centralized test-only vehicle inspection facility and network design, construction, implementation and operations.
  • On-line POS license sales and vehicle emissions, OBD and safety inspection data communications and transactions.
  • Training large numbers of vehicle emissions, OBD and safety inspectors, POS License Agents, and other end-users, delivered via classroom, hands-on and computer-based training (CBT) approaches.
  • Quality assurance of all aspects of vehicle inspection network and test system operations, including overt and covert audits of inspectors, stations and test equipment.
  • Quality assurance and ensuring the financial integrity of license sales system operations, including comprehensive tracking and proper accounting of transactions.
  • Vehicle inspection fraud detection, deterrence and prevention. This includes design and implementation of a professional internal affairs-based approach to enhancing program performance, and development and use of best of breed data analysis triggers.
  • Providing the lead in I/M program-related public information and education (PI&E) activities, including providing plan development and implementation. Most of Gordon-Darby’s large I/M program implementations have included PI&E as part of the contract scope.
  • Vehicle waiver-related support, including waiver issuance in some programs, and waiver support (software systems and tracking) in others.

Join Our Team.

Gordon-Darby seeks highly qualified and motivated individuals for positions related to:

Data systems development and implementation

Vehicle inspection program operation and management

Emissions test equipment, inspector and inspection station auditing

Related technical fields

Hunting and fishing license system development and implementation

Employment benefits include competitive salaries, a 401k plan, health insurance and an excellent, friendly work environment. Applicants should possess an appropriate technical degree or training, experience in one or more of the specified areas of need, the ability to comprehend and work with complex regulations, good oral and written communication skills, creative problem-solving abilities, proficient computer capabilities, and the ability to work independently as well as the ability to work harmoniously with others is desired.

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