Centralized Vehicle Testing.

Gordon-Darby has designed, constructed, implemented and operated successful quality driven centralized vehicle inspection facilities and networks for more than three decades.

We implemented and operated the first centralized “advanced” emissions testing program in the United States. Beginning in Louisville in 1984, we pioneered enhanced program features such as an advanced data handling and reporting system, motorist help desk, overt/covert auditing, repair industry reporting system, automated waiver and “computer matching” enforcement systems, and automated equipment calibration/audit processes. This high degree of automation reflects a fundamental design approach we incorporate into our systems.
Since rolling out the company’s first centralized program in Louisville, Kentucky in 1984, the company has maintained its reputation as the industry leader in delivering quality vehicle inspection services.

In acknowledgment of the quality we bring to our inspection programs, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has recognized our centralized testing operations in Phoenix, Arizona as the benchmark enhanced I/M program for the entire United States.

Inspection Procedures

We have performed more than 65 million centralized vehicle inspections using Gordon-Darby-designed, built and operated test systems that have incorporated basic and enhanced vehicle emissions and safety inspection procedures:

  • Idle tailpipe testing of light-duty and heavy-duty gasoline powered vehicles (LDGVs/HDGVs), and motorcycles
  • Steady-state loaded mode (dynamometer-based) tailpipe testing of LDGVs/HDGVs
  • IM240 and IM147 transient loaded mode tailpipe testing of LDGVs
  • Acceleration Simulation Mode (ASM) loaded mode tailpipe testing of LDGVs
  • On-board diagnostic (OBDII testing of LDGVs
  • Steady-state road load opacity testing of light duty Diesel vehicles (LDDVs)
  • SAE J1667 snap-idle opacity testing of heavy-duty Diesel vehicles (HDDVs)
  • Functional gas cap integrity testing (for evaporative emissions) of gasoline powered vehicles
  • Functional vehicle evaporative emissions pressure testing of gasoline powered vehicles
  • Comprehensive anti-tampering inspection of emission control components (e.g., catalyst, air injection system, PCV system, evaporative emissions control system and gas cap)
  • Automated sideslip testers, brake testers, front end play detectors, and integrated headlight testers.
    — Inspector Training and Station/Inspector Certification
    — Inspector testing and certification for private repair shop inspectors and Gordon-Darby employed centralized inspectors
Vehicle inspection procedures

Program Operations

Gordon-Darby’s successful centralized program operations include:
Maricopa (Phoenix) and Pima (Tucson) Counties, Arizona – 1989 to present.
Jefferson County (Louisville), Kentucky – 1983 to 2003 (program cancelled by Kentucky State Legislature).
Hillsborough/Pinellas and Broward Counties, Florida – 1991 to 2000 (program cancelled by Florida State Legislature).

Additional Equipment Sales and Service

In addition to implementing and operating the above programs, we also build, install and maintain additional centralized inspection systems for subsequent operation by a government agency or third-party contractor. These projects have included:
Implementation and maintenance of centralized emissions inspection network in three counties in Indiana – 1989 to 1997.
Implementation of automated centralized safety and emissions inspection network in Memphis, Tennessee – 1986-1987.