Data & Program Management.

Gordon-Darby developed its first Vehicle Inspection Data (VID) in 1983 – 30 years ago. Since then, we have delivered more than 12 successful VID implementations or updates as part of new programs or enhancements to existing programs/systems.

Gordon-Darby’s state-of-the-art data system design incorporates:

  • Online analyzer-VID communications
  • A vehicle registration database interface
  • E-Cert issuance and tracking
  • Electronic station billings
  • Robust data warehousing
  • Associated browser-based drill-down reporting
We developed and implemented the first ever decentralized electronic transmission data collection network and VID in Ohio in 1988.

We are able to reduce needed development efforts / time and significantly increase the probability of implementation success by using our core technology that is proven for:

  • High availability
  • High adaptability
  • Intelligent design
  • Innovative best-of-breed administrative, management and enforcement solutions
  • Data warehousing with rich and extensive reporting elements
  • Strong security