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Gordon-Darby Incorporated’s (GDI) partnership with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), enabled GDI to integrate our expertise into the Fish and Game licensing industry.

In conjunction with TPWD, GDI developed and provided an automated web-based system as well as the hardware necessary to sell commercial and recreational hunting and fishing licenses. Three modes of the sales application were established to meet the needs of sales agents and the internet based customers. The License Sales Application (LSA) is integrated into GDI’s Point of Sale (POS) kit as a stand-alone sales terminal for retail agents and also provided to approximately 500 agents who utilize their own personal computer as the gateway to the license application. GDI provides the ancillary hardware required in either setup along with the specialized license stock required by TPWD. Approximately 1,800 sales agents participate in the program. The Internet Sales Application (ISA) is a web based application available to the general public to purchase licenses through the internet site. The Public Hunt System (PHS) is the lottery based application designed for specialized and limited hunts. This system was designed to eliminate any paper application processes, interested individuals complete the entire process through an online paperless system.

Along with providing the software, hardware, and pertinent media stock necessary to facilitate the sales process, GDI also staffs knowledgeable bilingual Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to assist sales agents year-round.

The successful implementation of the three applications: LSA, ISA, and PHS generate over one hundred million ($100,000,000) in gross revenue per fiscal year for the state of Texas.

This partnership is an important foundation in facilitating TPWD’s mission to manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas and to provide hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. The revenues generated from this system are used in support of the management and conservation of the natural and cultural resources of the State of Texas.

Gordon-Darby Inc. is proud to have this partnership with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Our innovative turnkey solution of hardware, software, and customer service has delivered outstanding performance, reliability, and integrity at a cost-effective price for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s license sales program.

GDI’s POS system is an all-inclusive suite that is designed to evolve in order to meet the ever changing needs of the Fish and Game industry. During the enrollment process agents may elect whether they want to use their own computer to access the LSA or to use the ancillary hardware that GDI provides.

The use of a personal computer affords customers the familiarity of their system while interfacing a web based sales application and printing all licenses on a state approved hardware. Agents who elect to use their own computer are provided a license printer, peripherals, training material, and all stocks necessary for the sale of the fish and game license. The license printer owned and maintained by GDI is a medium for security, licenses are virtually impossible to replicate without our in house text script and unique media material.

Agents who elect to use GDI’s POS system are provided all necessary hardware, training material, peripherals, and stock. This turnkey hardware solution provide agents with ease of mind in using tried and tested hardware. Our POS system consists of a thin client, two printers – a license printer and a receipt printer, monitor, and a stand to incorporate all the hardware and peripherals into a cohesive standalone unit.

The thin client was designed and assembled by our technicians and operate on a locked down Linux based operating system. With the understanding of the nature of technology our thin clients are designed to be hardware upgradeable to meet future challenges. GDI’s extensive knowledge in coding in conjunction with our in-house system development team has the ability to code our own LSA for the thin client. This turnkey solution we provide to our customers are our own, not that of a commercial off the shelf product (COTS). Our commitment to innovation has been ingrained into us that any product we put forth to our customer are catered to their needs.

We have partnered with Datamax O’Neil a subsidiary of Honeywell to manufacture our custom license printer. The current usage of the custom license printer does not meet its potential in printing the variety of texts, barcodes, images, as well as the volume of licenses it can process. Currently in terms of using it as a batched fulfillment method the limiting factor has been a human one, in the completion and mailing out of the order process from our online sales and batching application.

The remainder of the hardware a monitor and receipt printer enables the license sales agents to view and interact with the application as well as provide their customers with a receipt of sales.

Application of GDI’s POS Kits and the software developed is one of the key components that allows GDI to excel at partnering with the customer to meet their mission goals.

Point of Sale SystemPoint of Sale System
Changes in consumer behavior has been shifting sales from the big box stores in preference of the convenience of purchasing items in the comfort of their home. The ISA afford customers a portal to purchase any public fish and game license 24/7and have it mailed to them within three business days throughout the continental United States; prior to their visit to the state to hunt and/or fish. As a means of convenience in that date range (from when the license were purchased to the delivery date) for non-tag fish or wildlife customers are able to use the e-mailed confirmation receipt as a temporary license.

The construction of the ISA was designed and built on the concept of simplicity and usability, users have the option to purchase numerous license for themselves in one transaction or they may have more than one customer in a transaction of singular/multiple licenses for each individual. Customer data are store for ease of transaction for future sales as well ancillary data are called up for customer who have already made the sale in the current transaction.

A yearly transaction increase in the use of the ISA has portrayed that customers are adapting this application and find it convenient as well as ease of use. GDI is proud to be a part of great customer experience for its partners.

Hunters applying for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s drawn public hunts are now taking advantage of the new online-only Public Hunt Drawing System. Gordon-Darby successfully launched this new system for TPWD on July 7, 2014.

The Drawn Hunts Program offers affordable hunting experiences around the state of Texas in more than two dozen different hunt categories, including eight specifically for youth only. Hunters can apply for permits for low-cost, high-quality, multi-day hunting opportunities for deer, turkey, feral hogs, pronghorn, alligator, bighorn sheep and other big-game animals at state parks, wildlife management areas, and some private tracts where landowners have agreed to allow limited, closely managed public hunting. The online system implemented by Gordon-Darby accepts applications for TPWD’s Drawn Hunts, including Special Permit hunts, E-Postcard hunts, and US Forest Service Antlerless Deer Permits.

During the 2014-15 season, the online public hunting draw-permit program saw almost 100,000 applications submitted for the 7,400 available permits. That was almost double the 52,000 applications submitted during the previous season, when the draw-permit program operated through the traditional paper-based/mail-in process TPWD had used for decades. The 2015-16 season was even more popular, with hunters solidly embracing the new digital system through which they vie for a variety of hunting opportunities on nearly 100 properties across the state.

The switch to the new system is saving the public hunting program, funded through licenses and other hunter-related fees, about $100,000 a year. A TPWD survey of 21,000 applicants also found that Texas hunters really like the online system. Eighty-one percent of those who responded to the survey said they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the new program. Ten percent didn’t have an opinion one way or the other, and only 9 percent said they were dissatisfied. The biggest reason for dissatisfaction was that they didn’t get drawn for a permit. Eighty-three percent of survey respondents cited “usability, ease and convenience” as the top benefits of the online system.

We are proud of our achievement in launching the online Public Hunt Drawing System, in place of the previous paper-based system, with very few technical issues and customer complaints. We’re even prouder to be saving our customer money while also aiding Texas hunters in enjoying their hunting experiences.
Texas Parks and Wildlife: Public Hunt and Drawing System

Implementation of the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s sales applications called for the need of a back-end management application. Our partner were delivered a management application that sought to meet all their needs, GDI’s Control Center (CC). The CC spans from maintaining catalog, inventory, agents, to ancillary data of its customer and their holdings. The CC is not a COTS product but a custom application that evolves with the needs of our partner.
Shifting trends toward ecommerce coupled with its convenience and ease of use, the Internet Sales Application (ISA) has seen an increase in sales yearly. To route these orders the fulfillment application functions to perform batch license prints. GDI coded this feature for the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s team to process these orders and mail it out within three business days to their respective customer.