Help Center.

Gordon-Darby has extensive experience in providing Help Center services as an integral component of many of our programs. We pioneered the use of dedicated Inspection & Management (I/M) program customer service hotlines beginning in 1984 in our Louisville program, continuing this service for Louisville motorists for two decades. We have continually operated motorist, station and agent hotlines for several of our other I/M and license sale programs.


Texas (Licensing)
New Hampshire

Help Center/Hotline Service


Dates of Service

2013 – present
2007 – present
2004 – present
1991 – present
1991 – 2000 (10 years)
2004 – 2008 (4 years)
1987 – 1996 (10 years)
1984 – 2003 (20 years)

Gordon-Darby’s hotline and help desk capabilities are an important element of the bundled package of delivered, in-house services that we provide to our customers. By providing hotline/help desk services that are fully integrated with other program activities (e.g., field service on test equipment, shipping depot, inspection information and referee services to motorists, agents, general program and network management, etc.), the company is able to enhance its offering and provide improved overall customer service.

Just as important is the substantial level of experience, capabilities and tenure of service that many of our Help Center personnel have; many of them served as inspection lane technicians and/or management personnel during our Louisville program. This gives them substantial insight into motor vehicle operation, vehicle emissions, testing procedures and test equipment operation. This knowledge is extremely helpful in their efforts to address issues raised by callers to our Help Center. As a result, the large majority of issues are resolved on the first call, with a small fraction needing to be escalated further.

Similarly to our data systems, Gordon-Darby’s primary Help Center is collocated with our corporate offices in Louisville. Here, our service personnel have ready access to our program call processing and response software system. This system provides call/complaint tracking and response functionality, thereby ensuring that issue status is tracked until final resolution. Rather than using commercially available software that requires our service personnel to adapt their procedures to the tool, we custom-developed the call processing and response software to match our pre-existing, optimized Help Center procedures. In addition to its documentation and tracking features, the software includes integrated reporting functionality that is tied into our VID, MVP and license sale offerings.

An important feature of Gordon-Darby’s call processing and response system is how automated or integrated voice response (IVR) functionality is utilized during normal (core hour) help center operations. Callers have the option of talking to an actual human operator, in English or Spanish, rather than listening to a recording or having to work their way through the menu of an automated or IVR system before they get a chance to actually talk to someone. This approach reflects our view that the personal touch is a key element of good customer service. Our help center offerings are staffed accordingly to provide this personal, human interaction during core hours of operation.

The help center is serviced by the same emergency power supplies that feed our corporate primary data center, thus ensuring that we will continue to be able to provide hotline assistance to callers even during outages of the regular electrical power grid.