Inspection & Maintenance Program Management.

We were the first ever I/M program management/VID contractor in the United States and since its founding in 1982, Gordon-Darby’s philosophy has been to emphasize quality over quantity. As a result, we have an outstanding reputation for developing and operating highly successful programs.

Development and operation of vehicle emissions systems, electronic communication networks, data systems and I/M program management services have been an integral part of Gordon-Darby operations since our beginning.

Beginning in Ohio in 1988, we provided network management and VID services to a 1,000-station decentralized inspection network in Cleveland and Cincinnati. This included the first widespread use of personal computers equipped with floppy drives and the first ever electronic transmission of test data to a central database (VID) in the decentralized I/M environment.

For more than three decades, the company has implemented and managed a variety of decentralized and centralized I/M programs in areas as diverse as the states of Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, Indiana, New Hampshire, and Texas.

Management Services

We have extensive experience and capabilities related to all facets of I/M program management, including:

Overall System, Network, Database and Application Services

Design, development and implementation
Operation and hosting
On-line data communications and transactions
Enterprise network security
Incident support and monitoring services
Disaster preparedness and business continuity services

Decentralized Inspection Network Implementation and Operation

Design, development and implementation of overall networks
Inspection station enrollments, equipment provision and service, and inspection oversight

Basic and Enhanced Tailpipe/Evaporative Emissions, OBD and Safety Test Equipment

Design, development, fabrication, installation, acceptance testing and implementation
Operation and maintenance
Equipment (hardware and software) testing, auditing and certification
Field maintenance services for Gordon-Darby and private repair shop test units
Advanced OBD kiosk and remote OBD equipment

Administrative, Management and Enforcement Application Services

Data warehousing and data mining
Software applications/system functionality for station and inspector administration, management and enforcement
Software applications/functionality for I/M program administration
Extensive web-based reporting services, with drill-down capability
State of the art triggers analysis and enforcement-related reporting
In-house VIN decoder development and rollout

Vehicle Emissions Testing

Call Center Services

  • Motorist and station/inspector help desks
  • Technical hotline

Invoicing, Accounts Receivable and Revenue Reporting

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • All aspects of inspection network, test system operations and support applications
  • Overt and covert station, equipment and inspector audits
  • Working with I/M clients and law enforcement agencies to deter and prevent vehicle inspection fraud

Inspector Training & Station/Inspector Certification

  • Inspector testing and certification for private repair shop inspectors and Gordon-Darby employed centralized inspectors
  • Vehicle tailpipe/evaporative emissions, OBD and safety inspectors/test procedures
  • Classroom, hands-on and computer-based training and testing
  • Station and equipment installation certification and training

Public Information and Education (PI&E)

  • Public outreach plan development and implementation
  • Development/distribution of informational and outreach materials
  • Comprehensive large-scale PI&E efforts
  • Oversight of PI&E subcontractors

Sticker/Certificate Inventory Management Services

  • On-line sticker purchasing and authorization
  • Cradle-to-grave tracking of new, used, missing and damaged stickers and certificates

Motorist Waiver Services

  • Waiver issuance
  • Waiver support (software systems and tracking)