Customer Friendly I/M Solutions.

Gordon-Darby has pursued many technical advances in pursuit of our corporate goal of being the premier vehicle Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) contractor. Advanced technology solutions, aimed at easing the impact of vehicle inspection requirements on motorists, include:

Gordon-Darby was one of the first in the I/M industry to develop a prototype OBD kiosk, suitable for both self-serve or assisted-serve applications. The company’s patented kiosk was designed for use by either a motorist or an untrained attendant, providing visual and auditory prompts designed to walk motorist or inspectors through complete OBD inspections. Demonstration of our prototype kiosk at technical I/M conferences showed considerable interest among attendees. However, none of Gordon-Darby’s current contracts include any kiosk-related requirements. For this reason, further kiosk development was suspended pending future customer interest/contract specifications for such a solution.

Gordon-Darby’s prototype development experience and existing OBD kiosk patent well positions the company for providing a range of possible kiosk solutions under future I/M contracts.

Gordon-Darby continues to pioneer new and innovative developments—all aimed at making the inspection process more user friendly, faster and more consistent for motorists.