Our Team.

The pursuit of excellence is Gordon-Darby’s corporate culture! We are driven to do not only the right thing but also the best thing, within practical limitations and project budgets. We are extremely proud of the results of our Pursuit to Excellence—they reflect many years of striving to do the best thing to the best of our abilities.

  • Seasoned, proven team
  • Decades of project management experience
  • All US-based development
  • US-based help desk

Corporate Resources

Gordon-Darby’s corporate offices are located in Louisville, Kentucky, where staff are engaged in administration, implementation, research and development activities. Their experience and knowledge allow the staff to work extremely efficiently.

    Resources located in Louisville include:

  • Hardware and software development and test beds
  • Databases and systems – corporate data center
  • Corporate help center/telephone hotline
  • Advanced technology vehicle emissions test cell
  • Warehouse and project staging center, and associated facilities
  • License sales service depot
Gordon-Darby’s senior staff members have never failed in successfully implementing a variety of information technology projects and are highly experienced in working toward a common goal of on time, best-of-breed, problem-free project implementations.

We write our own software for the systems we deploy. This ensures that our technical staff fully understands the software and can quickly modify it to address a particular need or implement a desired upgrade.

Our facilities have allowed us to take a leading research and development role in the vehicle inspection technology industry. This has included working directly with the U.S. EPA and its contractors in investigating a wide range of vehicle testing/information technology and operational issues.

Our outstanding facilities and other assets have enabled us to develop a number of industry leading “firsts” that have since become inspection technologies “best practices.”

We are extremely proud of the senior staff members who lead our project efforts. Just as we believe our physical facilities are second-to-none, we also think our team members’ knowledge and experience levels are unequaled in the industry.
The company structure enables our individual corporate divisions to direct their attention where it should be—investigating technological advances, assisting in new program development, and providing operational support for current programs on an as-needed basis. The following divisions, coupled with corporate administration, play a vital role in the development of new projects and ongoing support of existing projects:

Systems Development

is responsible for designing and developing the software and hardware systems that comprise Gordon-Darby’s testing networks. After program implementation, this division has responsibility for operational support. This includes periodic upgrades to keep our systems up-to-date with new technology. Systems Development also oversees our corporate data center.


is responsible for the implementation of new programs, including staffing, training, and the development of required procedures. After implementation, this division has responsibility for the ongoing supervision of our project activities at the operating sites. Periodic visits are made to each site to ensure the highest levels of performance by both staff and equipment. Operations also oversees our corporate Help Center.

Equipment Manufacturing

is responsible for the fabrication and assembly of equipment used in our projects. After installation, this division provides maintenance and repair support to the service technicians at each contract site. In the past, the division manufactured vehicle emissions analysis systems for non-Gordon-Darby operated programs such as Memphis and Indiana. Specialized quality control equipment is also manufactured for use by Gordon-Darby and other interested parties.