Public Information/Education.

Gordon-Darby has extensive front-line experience in delivering large scale PI&E campaigns and services to motorists, the news media and others in the Arizona and New Hampshire programs. This experience, combined with dealing directly with millions of individual motorists in inspecting their vehicles for more than 30 years, means that we fully understand the need to treat the Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) customer right.

We recognize that extreme care must be taken in providing accurate information to the public and other parties. Elements of our PI&E programs are closely coordinated with our customers. PI&E materials are submitted for approval in advance of their distribution to the public, news media and other parties. We follow applicable agency guidelines in our dealings with the media and the public.


Gordon-Darby has been awarded five successive contracts to operate the Arizona Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP, formerly AVEI) by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). Our I/M management support efforts under these contracts include operating a toll-free, bilingual (English and Spanish) telephone hotline/Help Desk with live customer service operators, developing informational material regarding testing operations as well as online surveys to ascertain our customer’s knowledge regarding testing requirements.

Working with our advertising and marketing specialist subcontractor, we have also developed and continuously update a comprehensive action plan which includes the following elements:

Arizona Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program
  • Strategic Public Relations Objectives Identifying Communications Vehicles
  • Target Audiences
  • Promotional Plan
  • Publicity Plan
  • Customer Surveys and Evaluation Plans

Public Information efforts include:

  • Development and distribution of motorist notification/public outreach materials, including direct mail announcements (postcards) of program changes. Including new station openings, and a marketing plan incorporating Gas Topper posters placed on gas pumps in the Phoenix area.
  • Drive-time, paid radio spots
  • Television and radio public service announcements (PSAs)
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Press/news releases
  • Inspection station open houses
  • Toll-free (1-877-myAZcar) bilingual (English/ Spanish) recorded hotline that provides callers with up-to-date inspection station wait time information
Emissions Test postcard
ADEQ Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program

New Hampshire

Gordon-Darby has been awarded multiple contracts for operation of the statewide New Hampshire OBD and Safety Test (NHOST) program. Starting this automated inspection program from scratch in 2004 required the successful completion of a broad-based PI&E campaign aimed at many different levels (e.g., motor vehicle dealer, repair industry, inspection station, motorist, etc.). Instead of hiring a PI&E subcontractor, Gordon-Darby and the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles (NH DMV) instead implemented a focused, NH-specific approach that has included:

New Hampshire Safety Testing Program
  • Establishing relationships with and educating the local media in the state, resulting in excellent and balanced coverage of program information and developments.
  • Establishing strong relationships and communicating very frequently with the vehicle inspection industry and individual inspection stations.
  • Partnering with the New Hampshire Auto Dealers Association (NHADA) to educate stations about the program, equipment operation and administration management, and to discuss potential and actual program changes.
  • Coordinating Industry Advisory Group (IAG) meetings to build relationships with the industry as well as understand issues and obtain feedback from stations and mechanics.
  • Outreach (listening) sessions for inspection stations and inspectors, held in multiple locations throughout New Hampshire each year.
  • Bi-directional NHOST unit-based mail (“blasts”) capability, giving NH DMV and Gordon-Darby the ability to send and receive messaging to/from the inspection stations.
  • Direct emails to stations that have provided valid email addresses. Such mailings typically include the same information as the blasts sent to the NHOST inspection units as well as other possible email subjects.
  • Substantial outreach via multiple pathways to individual private vehicle and motorcycle repair shops throughout New Hampshire, to educate them initially about the program and to keep them closely informed regarding program updates, including letters, regular email and NHOST unit blasts to stations.
  • On screen ‘Tip of the Day’ feature on the NHOST units aimed at the inspectors/repair mechanics, to educate them about program benefits and optional available features of which they may be unaware.
  • Development of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the program, with distribution to motorists, the media and State legislators.
  • Establishment of a public website ( designed to deliver information to and educate the general public about the NH OBD inspection program.
  • Establishment of a second website ( designed to provide information to, and educate inspection stations and licensed inspectors.
  • Toll-free bilingual consumer hotline/Help Desk with live customer service operators.
  • Toll-free bilingual telephone Helpline for technical assistance to inspection stations and inspectors.
  • Enhanced positive messaging via a section on the Vehicle Inspection Reports (VIRs) that informs motorists of passing vehicles about how their efforts have contributed to keeping NH air clean and the roads safer.

Printing and distribution of 1-page OBD inspection rejection information sheets, each specific to a different OBD rejection reason. The mechanic is prompted at the end of the inspection to possibly print the applicable information sheet to give to a motorist with a rejected (failed) vehicle.