I/M Program Management

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Since its founding in 1982, Gordon-Darby’s philosophy has been to emphasize quality over quantity. As a result, we have an outstanding reputation for developing and operating highly successful programs.

Data & Program Management

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For more than three decades, Gordon-Darby’s Data and Program Management services have supported our customers with systems designed to provide powerful management and oversight tools. These systems are dynamic tools that can be enhanced and tailored to the unique needs of each customer. They are built with pre-defined reporting capabilities per the customer’s requirements, while also incorporating powerful free-form (SQL) capabilities for enhanced data analysis. In the vehicle inspection industry, these systems are commonly referred to as a Vehicle Inspection Database (VID). We use a similar acronym in our licensing program, referring to these as a License Information Database (LID).
Learn about our state-of-the-art data elements that make our systems the best quality and most reliable.

  • Current transactions (e.g., inspection records, allowing an auditor to observe a station’s activity while monitoring reported data from that station in real time).
  • Auxiliary data (covert audits, overt audits, waiver, exemptions, etc.) in real time.
  • Current auditor activity, including auditor physical location.
  • Historical data via the data warehouse. Summary reports can be viewed from multiple dimensions, and reports and raw data can be easily down loaded to the user’s desktop or laptop.
  • Query server with an historical database (current through end of last business day). Data are accessed via a convenient graphical user interface and point-and-click functionality (with no SQL understanding required) or using standard freeform SQL statements.
  • Possible enhanced business intelligence (BI) via available COTS solutions; e.g., CognosReportNet and Business Objects Crystal Decisions/Reports. These BI products would seamlessly integrate with our Oracle OLTP and OLAP solutions to provide additional enterprise graphical and other analysis/reporting capabilities.
Our highly adaptable core technology and Agile development methodology provides the company with the means to rapidly deploy new database implementations.

Information Systems

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A critical element of all Gordon-Darby programs includes the development and implementation of vehicle inspection and license sales information systems. Currently, we host information systems for the Washington D.C, Arizona, New Hampshire and Texas programs, which involve millions of online transactions on an annual basis. In 2013, we implemented a new license sales system, including transitioning legacy data, for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Centralized Vehicle Testing

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Gordon-Darby has designed, constructed, implemented and operated successful quality driven centralized vehicle inspection facilities and networks for more than three decades.
We implemented and operated the first centralized “advanced” emissions testing program in the United States.

Fish & Game Licensing

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Gordon-Darby Incorporated’s (GDI) latest partnership with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), enabled GDI to integrate our expertise into the Fish and Game licensing industry.

Along with providing the software, hardware, and pertinent media stock necessary to facilitate the sales process, GDI also staffs knowledgeable bilingual Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to assist sales agents year-round.

Help Centers

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Gordon-Darby has extensive experience in providing Help Center services as an integral component of many of our programs. We pioneered the use of dedicated I/M program customer service hotlines beginning in 1984 in our Louisville program, continuing this service for Louisville motorists for two decades. We have continually operated motorist, station and agent hotlines for several of our other I/M and license sale programs.

Data Analysis/Mining

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As an inherently technical-based industry, the vehicle inspection business involves the collection and analysis of a tremendous amount of data. All motor vehicles that are tested must meet quantitative inspection standards in order to pass their test.

Public Information/Education

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Gordon-Darby has extensive front-line experience in delivering large scale PI&E campaigns and services to motorists, the news media and others in the Arizona and New Hampshire programs. This experience, combined with dealing directly with millions of individual motorists in inspecting their vehicles for more than 30 years, means that we fully understand the need to treat the Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) customer right.