As a primary innovator in the technological advancement of the vehicle emissions testing industry, Gordon-Darby has pioneered many new techniques and processes that have subsequently become standard in today’s Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) programs. In collaboration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), we have continually strived to improve the (I/M) industry with the ultimate goal in mind: cleaning up the air we breathe.

The pursuit of this goal has led our company to achieve many industry “firsts” that have become standard practices in (I/M) programs throughout the United States. Brief summaries of Gordon-Darby’s major accomplishments are listed below.


March: ADEQ and Gordon-Darby implement a Gas Cap Distribution Program.


March: Awarded Renewal of Arizona Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP) Contract.

August: Awarded Renewal of Texas Information Management System (TIMS) Contract.

October:Gordon-Darby Successfully Implements New License Sales System for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)


January: Gordon-Darby completed on-time implementation of an updated vehicle emissions inspection system for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).


October: Gordon-Darby successfully completed an on-time, seamless TIMS+ implementation.

January: the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) contracted with Gordon-Darby to design, develop and operate the new Texas Information Management System.


October: Developed and demonstrated a Gordon-Darby-patented user-friendly, tamper-resistant self-serve OBDII kiosk at the annual Mobile Sources/Clean Air Conference that was held in Colorado.


As part of a new emissions testing contract with the state of Arizona, developed and implemented


Worked with EPA on additional research projects related to the development of alternative test cycles and OBD II-related issues.


Served on an EPA-organized subcommittee investigating technical issues involved in I/M checks of the vehicle on-board diagnostic (OBD II) systems.


Worked with EPA to collect additional Phoenix data on the issue of inadequate preconditioning concerns with IM240 testing.

Designed and implemented a fully automated, high-volume ASM pilot lane in one of our Tampa test stations.


Implemented IM240 for 1981 and newer vehicles in Phoenix, Arizona.


Implemented the Louisville, Kentucky inspection system upgrade under a new contract awarded in 1992.


Gordon-Darby BAR90 analyzer units were certified by the Ohio EPA for sale to reinspection facilities in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Designed, implemented, and began operation of inspection programs in two Florida zones: the Tampa and Fort Lauderdale metropolitan areas.

Designed, implemented, and began operation of Arizona’s inspection program in Phoenix and Tucson.


Designed, implemented, and began operation of the vehicle inspection program for Louisville, Kentucky.


March: Texas “Two Steps, One Sticker” Program Implementation.

November: Bob Tefft has been named President of Gordon-Darby, Inc.


May: Gordon-Darby was awarded the New Hampshire NHOST Management Contract.

March: Gordon-Darby was awarded a six-year contract to implement and manage the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) License Sales System.


June: Gordon-Darby was awarded a two-year extension for the New Hampshire NHOST Management Contract.


December 23: Gordon-Darby was awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,469,171, Method and System for Vehicle Emissions Testing at a Kiosk Through On-Board Diagnostics Unit Inspection.


As part of an emergency procurement in Washington, DC, developed and implemented a VID system that included historical data, which was migrated from a complex, confusing and under-performing VID system.

2004 – 2005

As part of a new I/M management contract with the State of New Hampshire, developed and implemented:


September: Developed and demonstrated an extremely fast and user friendly vehicle information database (VID) and data warehouse system at the annual Mobile Sources/Clean Air Conference that was held in Breckenridge, Colorado.


Developed additional innovative emissions testing technologies, including…

Worked with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on numerous modifications to the Arizona emissions program


Installed a high-volume ASM pilot lane for the State of New Jersey less than seven weeks after project approval.

Worked with EPA on additional research projects related to investigating preconditioning concerns in enhanced I/M testing.


Participated in the I/M technical review committee responsible for finalizing IM240 equipment specifications, quality assurance, and testing procedures.


Designed and implemented the FIRST fully automated, high-volume IM240 test lane in the world.


Designed and implemented the first BAR90-type centralized system in the nation for three counties in Indiana.


Designed, implemented, and began operation of decentralized anti-tampering system in Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio.


Designed and implemented the first totally automated safety and emissions inspection program in the nation for Memphis, Tennessee.